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All-Access Pass

$395 until April 6. Then $425 until sold out.

Get the Dome Fest West All-Access Pass for the future of storytelling in immersive media. This pass offers access to 55 fulldome films in 12 programs at the only U.S. festival dedicated to this innovative format. Join the inspiring keynote, interactive panels, and the closing awards program. It's not just viewing; it's about participating in a movement. Connect with creative minds and industry influencers over provided meals and evening mixers. Secure your All-Access Pass to Dome Fest West 2024, and join the community crafting the future of cinema.

Reasons to buy an All-Access Pass:

Full Access to a Comprehensive Program

The All-Access Pass grants entry to all four days of Dome Fest West events, covering 12 fulldome film screening programs and a total of 55 films. This unparalleled access is perfect for attendees seeking to immerse themselves fully in the world of fulldome cinema, offering a rare opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of this innovative medium.

Exclusive Evening Mixers

The inclusion of opening night and closing awards programs, along with evening mixers, provides a unique social platform for attendees to mingle in a relaxed setting. These mixers are designed to foster connections, share insights, and build lasting relationships within the immersive cinema community.

A One-of-a-Kind Event in the U.S

Dome Fest West stands out as the only event in the United States dedicated exclusively to fulldome films. This unique focus makes it a must-attend festival for anyone passionate about pushing the boundaries of cinema and exploring new dimensions of storytelling.

Focused on Fulldome Cinema Excellence

As a founding member of the Best of Earth fulldome competition, Dome Fest West is at the forefront of showcasing and celebrating the highest quality fulldome content. Attendees will witness the cutting-edge of fulldome technology and artistic expression, gaining insights into the future of immersive storytelling.

Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders

With admission to the keynote featuring the renowned Android Jones and access to three discussion panels, attendees have the chance to connect with pioneers and thought leaders in immersive media. This setting is ideal for artists aiming to network with distributors, industry vendors, and venue owners, facilitating valuable connections and collaborations.

Meals Included

With lunch and dinner included in every All-Access Pass on Friday and Saturday, and lunch on Sunday, attendees can stay focused on the festival's offerings without worrying about meal arrangements. This convenience adds value, ensuring participants can spend more time engaging with the content and networking with peers.

Inspiration and Creative Exchange

Attendees are not just passive observers; they are invited to be inspired and to inspire others. This dynamic environment encourages creative exchange, sparking new ideas and fostering innovative projects within the immersive media landscape.

Perfect for Immersive Media Enthusiasts and Professionals

Whether you're an artist, distributor, industry vendor, or venue owner, the All-Access Pass is tailored to provide a comprehensive and enriching festival experience. This pass is an investment in professional development, offering exposure to the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the immersive media industry.

See All Films Included With Your All-Access Pass

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