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Antarctic Uruguay

A captivating documentary that takes viewers on a 4-year journey to the Artigas Antarctic Scientific Base, showcasing the fascinating lives of military crews, scientists, and the breathtaking fauna and landscapes of the region.

Produced by

Leo Scarone

Directed by

Leo Scarone

Project Description

Documentary made over 4 years of work at the Artigas Antarctic Scientific Base. 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2023. The idea is to show what happens there and who works. Emphasis on people. The military crews, the scientific people. Fauna and landscapes.
First documentary filmed with 360 technology in Uruguay.
Immersive experience. Fulldome and VR glasses. Objective is to reach the entire country.
It is a project carried out and produced by director Leo Scarone. The actual length of the documentary is 33 minutes. Here we present a 10 minute version.

About the Director

Leo Scarone is a visionary director, designer, and post-producer with a passion for creating visually stunning and immersive experiences. With a background in industrial design, Leo has honed his skills in visual design and filmmaking, working on TV advertisements and corporate videos for renowned companies across South America.

In recent years, Leo has delved into the world of 360-degree filmmaking and augmented reality, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and engaging audiences in new and exciting ways. His latest project, "Antarctic Uruguay," showcases Leo's exceptional talent as a director and his ability to capture the beauty and wonder of Antarctica. Follow Leo on Instagram @uruguayantartico for updates on his captivating work.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Tranquil Voyages: Journeys Through Peaceful Realms

Screening Day & Time

May 05, 9:30 AM

Project Gallery

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