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About Dome Fest West | Fulldome 360 shows

What Is

Dome Fest West

What is Dome Fest West exactly? It is an Immersive Dome Film Festival and Conference taking place on the West Coast of the United States. Dome Fest West asks the question: What’s the Next BIG Thing in film presentation? Answer: “immersive films” Using 360-degree technology popularized by VR and AR productions, filmmakers create unique, immersive experiences by screening the films in specially built dome theaters not unlike the planetariums that can be found in observatories around the country.

The Vision

Dome Fest West's Goal

Dome Fest West looks to help introduce Immersive Cinematic Content (ICC) further into the greater media landscape, popularizing the medium while championing content creators and technologies from around the Immersive Dome and Fulldome world. 

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