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About Dome Fest West

What is Dome Fest West?

As Dome Fest West, we're a nonprofit in Los Angeles dedicated to our annual film festival celebrating Fulldome films and immersive media. Our goal is to push the boundaries of immersive experiences worldwide. We focus on showcasing exceptional content, pioneering technology, and innovative solutions in immersive media. Our festival is a platform for creativity and progress, inspiring and uniting artists, technologists, and industry leaders in shaping the future of immersive experiences. We're passionate about elevating this art form and sharing it with the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the passionate community of immersive media enthusiasts while driving the evolution of fulldome content, venues and technologies. We aim to engage and inspire new generations of content creators and audiences with the unique transformative power of immersive experiences.

Our Mission

The mission of Dome Fest West is to advance and elevate immersive experiences globally by showcasing excellent content, innovative technology, and new industry solutions for creating and delivering immersive media. We work to support and educate immersive artists, storytellers, worldbuilders and technologists; build bridges with entrepreneurs, investors and allied organizations; and promote immersive media to attract new generations of audiences, enthusiasts and makers.

Our Goals

Dome Fest West looks to help introduce Immersive Cinematic Content (ICC) further into the greater media landscape, popularizing the medium while championing content creators and technologies from around the Immersive Dome and Fulldome world. 

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