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The Full History

Previous Selected Films

Are you struggling to recall the title of that one amazing film from a prior Dome Fest West? Our comprehensive list of screened films has got you covered! Discover more information about award winners and screening dates.


Whether you're an immersive fulldome film enthusiast or curious about the latest industry trends, our pages offer a wealth of knowledge about the most innovative and exciting works to date. So go ahead, check them all out!

DFW 2022

In 2022, Dome Fest West returned for its second year. It was even bigger and better with more films, special guests, and opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their work.


DFW 2021

The year 2021 marked the first of Dome Fest West's independent film festivals. Filmmakers and films from across the globe were celebrated as they showcased their diverse talents.


The idea for Dome Fest West was born from the DTLA Film Festival Dome Film Series, which began in 2019. This initial series was met with great enthusiasm from both filmmakers and audiences, leading the organizers to explore the concept of a full-fledged independent fulldome film festival.

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