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2024 Winners, Film Selections, Programs, Pitches, and Judges

DFW 2024 Selections

Sphere of Light Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dan Neafus

Juror's Choice Award
Antarctic Uruguay

Best Children's Film
Little Major Tom

Best Musical Feature Film
Sounds of the Ocean

Best Narrative Film
The Earth Above

Best Artistic Feature Film
One Sky

Best Artistic Short Film

Best Educational Film
Spark the Universe In Us

Best Musical Short Film
Visual Eyes Presents ‘Alone’

Best Environmental Film
4993 Feet Under

Best Science Film
Black Holes: Unknown Horizons

Best Live Experience
Cloud Bodies


Best Interactive Experience
Smart Swarm

Inspiration Icon

Audience Choice
Recoding Entropia

2024 Official Selections

2024 Program Blocks

2024 Pitch Finalists

Meet the 2024 Jury

Tasked with the monumental job of reviewing more than 100 hours of content, our jury consists of esteemed professionals from various corners of the world. With their unparalleled expertise and diverse viewpoints, they are dedicated to ensuring a rigorous and equitable evaluation process. We extend our deepest gratitude to each juror for their commitment and contribution, making this festival a remarkable journey of discovery and excellence.

Film Jury
Live Performance & Interactive Experience Jury
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