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All against Darwin

Embark on a multiplayer jungle adventure as a tiny worm, devouring your way to becoming a magnificent butterfly while fending off predators and competing with fellow players in a battle for survival, challenging Darwin's theory of evolution.

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Project Description

Hungry? Very good! Eat your way through our multiplayer jungle as a little worm until you grow into a giant caterpillar. But beware of your natural predators — and of course of your ravenous fellow players. Only those who manage to evade predators and who find enough food will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Your common goal: Keep caterpillars and nature in balance. This is the only way to master the fight for survival together!

Show Darwin what a real fighter is! Our co-op transformation awaits you and your smartphones.

About the Director

Michael Scholz is the CEO of halbautomaten (pl.), a studio for communication and design (augmented reality product presentations, handbooks, guides, infographics, instructional material with virtual reality, fair and exhibition design, interactive process simulations, etc.)

More information can be found at

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Dynamic Dimensions: Exploration Through Play and Interaction

Screening Day & Time

May 04, 1:30 PM

Project Gallery

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