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Black Holes: unknown horizons

Embark on a mind-bending journey to the very frontier of knowledge through space, time, and gravity, as we explore the mysterious and captivating world of black holes in 'Black Holes: unknown horizons'.

Produced by

Juan Felipe Orozco Cano, Daniela Carrascal

Directed by

César González Arranz, Rodrigo González Peinado, and Telmo Fernández Castro

Project Description

Black holes are the most mysterious and strange objects in the cosmos and are born from violent explosions of massive stars, around him the conception of space and time loses its meaning, and are capable of causing the Universe itself to shudder, this is a journey to the very frontier of knowledge through space, time, and gravity. This fulldome feature film allows planetarium audiences to immerse themselves in the extravagance of black holes.

About the Director

César González Arranz is a visionary director known for his ability to transform complex scientific concepts into captivating cinematic experiences. With a passion for exploring the wonders of the universe, César has dedicated his career to creating immersive films that push the boundaries of storytelling.

From his early days as a student filmmaker to his current position as one of the industry's leading directors, César has continuously impressed audiences with his innovative approach to filmmaking. His work has been recognized and celebrated at prestigious film festivals around the world, including the Jena Fulldome Festival and the Brno Fulldome Festival.

With his latest project, "Black Holes: Unknown Horizons," César takes viewers on a mind-bending journey through space and time, unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos. This fulldome feature film showcases César's unique vision and his ability to engage and inspire audiences. 

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Exploring the Unknown: Science and Spectacle

Screening Day & Time

May 03, 2:00 PM

Project Gallery

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