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Black Holes: unknown horizons

Embark on a mind-bending journey to the very frontier of knowledge through space, time, and gravity, as we explore the mysterious and captivating world of black holes in 'Black Holes: unknown horizons'.

Produced by

Juan Felipe Orozco Cano, Daniela Carrascal

Directed by

César González Arranz, Rodrigo González Peinado, Telmo Fernández Castro

Project Description

Black holes are the most mysterious and strange objects in the cosmos and are born from violent explosions of massive stars, around him the conception of space and time loses its meaning, and are capable of causing the Universe itself to shudder, this is a journey to the very frontier of knowledge through space, time, and gravity. This fulldome feature film allows planetarium audiences to immerse themselves in the extravagance of black holes.

About the Director

Rodrigo González  Peinado is graduated in Physics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2015), where he obtained the Master's degree in Astrophysics a year later. He was part of the CARMENES research group for the search and detection of exoplanets around M dwarfs. In 2019 he joined the technical team of the Madrid Planetarium as Astrophysics Technician for 3 years. Since then, he has carried out science communication and dissemination work at the Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alcobendas (Madrid) as a scientific disseminator, as well as on his social networks and other media. 

Telmo Fernández Castro is a doctor in C.C. Physics (astrophysics) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His research has focused on the study of symbiotic binary stars. He has participated in various research projects and is the author of numerous articles published in journals of recognized international prestige. He has given numerous conferences and presentations on astronomy. He has been a scriptwriter and director of dozens of audiovisual shows and a curator of scientific exhibitions. He is also the author of several popular science books. Currently he is director of the Madrid Planetarium.

César González Arranz has been working at the Madrid Planetarium for 29 years as a popularizer of Astronomy and actively participating in the audiovisual production of the Planetarium's scientific productions: fulldome films, exhibitions, etc. He has extensive experience as a visual observer and with deep sky telescopes. All this extensive work has been captured in a book, as well as numerous talks and public observations.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Exploring the Unknown: Science and Spectacle

Screening Day & Time

May 03, 2:00 PM

Project Gallery

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