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Recombination: The Fulldome Journey

Recombination: The Fulldome Journey is an immersive, abstract exploration through space, time, music, and mathematics, revealing captivating landscapes and realities that exist within the digital space.

Produced by

Julius Horsthuis

Directed by

Julius Horsthuis

Project Description

RECOMBINATION, The Fulldome Journey is the most recent project by visionary fractal artist Julius Horsthuis is an immersive, abstract journey through space, time, music and mathematics.

RECOMBINATION is a spectacular full-dome experience on themes from physics, mathematics and biology. The immersive film takes the viewer on a journey through realities that only exist in the digital space, but which look like distant planets and the inner world of organic beings. Julius Horsthuis uses fractals, which are the result of mathematical formulas. By visualising these fractals, we see landscapes that seem to come straight out of science fiction. The original music, which further enhances the film's images, was composed by Michael Stearns, David Levy, Max Cooper, Desert Dwellers, Ben Lukas Boysen, Temple Invisible and Ott. Distribution through

About the Director

Julius Horsthuis is a renowned digital artist and visionary fractal animator. With a career spanning over 15 years in the Dutch film and entertainment industry, Julius has made a name for himself as a master of abstract and cinematic animation. His unique blend of fractal animation techniques has garnered worldwide recognition, with his work featured in prestigious platforms such as The Creators Project, Gizmodo, Newsweek, and Vimeo Staff Picks.

Julius's groundbreaking fulldome film, "Recombination: The Fulldome Journey," has been hailed as one of the most captivating and immersive experiences in recent years. Julius's creative genius extends beyond the realm of filmmaking. He has collaborated with renowned musicians, creating visually stunning music videos for Max Cooper, Meshuggah, and Eric Serra. His fractal art has also been featured in Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities and Michel van der Aa's opera Upload.

Follow Julius Horsthuis on Instagram @julius.horsthuis to explore his mesmerizing fractal worlds and stay updated on his latest projects. Get ready to embark on a mind-bending journey of art, science, and music with Julius Horsthuis and his groundbreaking film, "Recombination: The Fulldome Journey."

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Visionary Realms: A Journey Through Artistic Innovation

Screening Day & Time

May 03, 7:30 PM

Project Gallery

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