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Moonbase: The Next Step

The story of Moonbase: The Next Step takes us on a thrilling journey of human endeavor, pushing scientific and technological limits as we explore the hostile and awe-inspiring lunar environment in this 360 Fulldome format film.

Produced by

Simon Clarke, Jon Grafton, Ruth Coalson

Directed by

Graham Watts

Project Description

MOONBASE: THE NEXT STEP is the story of this human endeavour, pushing scientific and technological advances to the limit. Travelling the 250,000 miles and surviving the hostile and alien conditions of reduced gravity, extreme temperatures and toxic lunar dust, we explain the science and technology for this brave mission to happen. Follow our story filled with awe, danger, trepidation and share the wonder of the lunar environment made for 360 Fulldome format. Prepare for a hostile and breath-taking lunar experience...

About the Director

Graham Watts is a visionary director with a diverse background in science-led programming and visual effects. With an impressive portfolio that includes the Emmy-nominated "On Jupiter" for Discovery Channel and the globally acclaimed "Planet Earth II" for the BBC, Watts has established himself as a creative force in the industry.

His latest project, "Moonbase: The Next Step," takes viewers on an immersive lunar adventure, pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological advancements. Through his expertise in screen, immersion, graphics, and VFX projects, Watts delivers captivating storytelling that transports audiences to the wonders and challenges of lunar exploration.

Follow Graham Watts and the whole Moonraker VFX team on Instagram @moonrakervfx for a glimpse into his visionary world of filmmaking.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Worlds of Discovery: A Learning Odyssey

Screening Day & Time

May 04, 9:30 AM

Project Gallery

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