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Spark: The Universe in Us

The birth and demise of stars reveal the extraordinary origins of life's essential elements in 'Spark: The Universe in Us', a captivating exploration narrated by Diego Luna.

Produced by

Cheryl Vanderbilt

Directed by

Ryan Wyatt

Project Description

Where did the building blocks of life come from? The answer lies far from home. Travel inside a giant star nearing the end of its life, witness stellar corpses colliding, and experience the quiet demise of a Sun-like star. From the oxygen we breathe to the iron in our blood, the silicon in Earth’s mantle to the uranium that warms our planet, we owe it all to the stars. Narrated by Diego Luna, ”Spark: The Universe in Us” explores how hundreds of millions of celestial events have forged the elements that make up the Solar System, Earth—and us!

About the Director

Ryan Wyatt is a visionary filmmaker and Senior Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization at the California Academy of Sciences. With over a decade of experience in science visualization, Ryan has dedicated his career to making complex scientific concepts accessible to the public.

He has written and directed seven award-winning fulldome films, captivating audiences with immersive experiences that explore diverse topics such as asteroids, earthquakes, ecosystems, and coral reefs. Ryan's passion for bringing cutting-edge science to a variety of audiences has set new standards in the field.

Follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanWyatt for insights into his work and updates on his latest projects.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Worlds of Discovery: A Learning Odyssey

Screening Day & Time

May 04, 11:00 AM

Project Gallery

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