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Sounds of the Ocean: A Mindful Underwater Journey

The award-winning immersive experience, 'Sounds of the Ocean: A Mindful Underwater Journey,' combines the captivating sounds of whales & dolphins, original music, and stunning visuals to guide audiences on a transformative exploration of ocean life and inspire action for its protection.

Produced by

Joshua Sam Miller, Elise Lein

Directed by

Joshua Sam Miller and Elise Lein

Project Description

In this 25-min immersive experience, we invite you to go within yourself and connect deeply with ocean life. Sounds of the Ocean combines sounds of whales & dolphins, original music, immersive visual art and award-winning ocean imagery to guide the audience on a mindful underwater journey. Believing in the power of peaceful activism, the project’s intention is to inspire ocean action to protect life underwater, while also helping to reduce stress in our modern society. An award-winning UN Ocean Decade Activity produced by Embodied Sounds.

About the Director

Joshua Sam Miller and Elise Lein blend their creative talents to champion environmental protection and mental wellness. Miller, an award-winning ocean artivist, leverages immersive sound and visual art through his projects like Sounds of the Ocean and Embodied Sounds, inspired by diverse musical traditions. His work has been recognized at prestigious events like the UN Ocean Conference and COP26. Before music, he produced films in New York and developed a deep connection to the ocean through scuba diving and surfing.

Lein, from Germany, is a multifaceted artist with a background in dance, music, filmmaking, and environmental conservation. Since 2009, she has contributed to various film projects, including “The Green Lie” as a creative producer. Lein advocates for the transformative power of art in healing and environmental awareness, emphasizing the synergy of mindful music and visuals.

Together, their work embodies a holistic approach to fostering societal and environmental change. Follow @soundsoftheocean.fb on Facebook for updates on his inspiring projects.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Tranquil Voyages: Journeys Through Peaceful Realms

Screening Day & Time

May 05, 9:30 AM

Project Gallery

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