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Local Dystopias in the Global Utopia

In a sprawling desert, three dystopian worlds collide in 'Local Dystopias in the Global Utopia,' an immersive film that challenges perceptions and blurs the boundaries of architectural imagination and reality.

Produced by

Sergey Prokofyev

Directed by

Sergey Prokofyev

Project Description

In a sprawling desert, a unique cinematic experience unfolds through multiple dome screens, each depicting a distinct architectural tale.

Journeying through three dystopian worlds, we first explore “High Rise Cult,”, a forsaken village where wooden skyscraper replicas are buoyed by balloons, symbolizing fragile hopes. Next, “The Doomed City” draws us into a city birthed in no man’s land, influenced by a painting by Nicholas Roerich. The third architectural tale - “Phygital Limbo”. A perplexing digital environment is continuously stimulated by synthetic engine based on human emotions. Being here is akin to experiencing a conscious collective dream.

This immersive film challenges perceptions, blurring the boundaries of architectural imagination and reality.

About the Director

Sergey Prokofyev is a visionary filmmaker known for his unique blend of architecture and immersive storytelling. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of cinematic narrative, Prokofyev crafts captivating films that challenge perceptions and transport viewers to thought-provoking worlds.

Prokofyev's latest masterpiece, "Local Dystopias in the Global Utopia," takes audiences on a mesmerizing journey through three distinct architectural tales. From abandoned villages with wooden skyscrapers floating on balloons to perplexing digital environments driven by human emotions, Prokofyev's film blurs the line between imagination and reality.

Follow Sergey Prokofyev on Instagram @sergprokofyev for a glimpse into his visionary work and stay tuned for updates on his upcoming projects. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the cinematic genius of Sergey Prokofyev at the 2024 Dome Fest West Film Festival!

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Visionary Realms: A Journey Through Artistic Innovation

Screening Day & Time

May 03, 7:30 PM

Project Gallery

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