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IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders

IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders takes audiences on a breathtaking scuba diving adventure through the world's wondrous oceans, immersing them in mesmerizing encounters with marine life set to contemporary music and gentle narration.

Produced by

Mark Davidson, David Stevens

Directed by

Mark Davidson

Project Description

IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders takes audiences on a global journey through our world's wondrous oceans, following an actual scuba diving profile. From exploring lush kelp forests, to deep dark lava tubes, to sun drenched coral gardens, each scene is no less than thirty seconds long, allowing you to be truly immersed. There are encounters with majestic whale sharks, soaring manta rays, inquisitive bull sharks, playful sea lions, mesmerizing bait balls and more; all set to contemporary music with gentle guiding narration.

About the Director

Mark Davidson, a scientist turned immersive filmmaker, is making waves in the world of ocean conservation. With a Ph.D. in geomicrobiology from Princeton University, Mark's passion for our precious oceans shines through his work. Combining his scientific knowledge with his creative storytelling abilities, he has crafted visually stunning and awe-inspiring films that transport audiences into the depths of our marine world.

Mark's latest project, "IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders," takes viewers on an extraordinary underwater journey, showcasing the captivating beauty of our world's oceans. Through his lens, audiences are introduced to vibrant coral gardens, mysterious lava tubes, and majestic marine life, all set to contemporary music and accompanied by gentle narration. This immersive experience sparks a sense of wonder and encourages viewers to appreciate and protect our marine ecosystems.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Exploring the Invisible: Adventures in the Natural World

Screening Day & Time

May 05, 11:30 AM

Project Gallery

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