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Visual Eyes presents "Alone"

A VR music video experience that explores the duality of human and robotic tendencies in a world of reckless consumption, questioning the possibilities for a better future if we redefine our daily consumption habits.

Produced by

Ocean Groan Music

Directed by

The Hawk and The Wolf

Project Description

“Alone” is a first of its kind VR music video experience by the Los Angeles band Visual Eyes, formatted for full dome and mixed in 5.1 surround sound. This art piece speaks on the feeling of being alone in a world of reckless consumption, and the common duality of our inner human and robotic tendencies. As humans on a quest for “What’s next?”, we have all become programmed to consume without thought into the consequences of our actions. Visual Eyes sets out to question the possibilities for humanity that if we all put more thought into our daily consumption habits while demanding better from the companies we support, what would our future look like? Through collective thought, and with the explosion of technology on the horizon, we can all help to usher in a better future for humanity.

About the Director

The Hawk and The Wolf are the creative duo behind Ocean Groan Music, a record label dedicated to artist development. With a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in music and film, they have written, produced, and directed numerous projects across various genres.

Their latest endeavor, "Alone", a groundbreaking VR music video by Visual Eyes, represents their most ambitious project to date. This immersive experience challenges viewers to reflect on their role in a world of reckless consumption, blending captivating visuals, innovative technology, and thought-provoking themes. 

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Sonic Visions: A Journey Through Sound and Sight

Screening Day & Time

May 02, 7:30 PM

Project Gallery

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