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Cosmic Carousel

Explore the universe and unleash your creativity as you collect mass and create celestial bodies in 'Cosmic Carousel,' an interactive science experience where stars collide, merge, and pulsars burn in a supernova explosion.

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Project Description

Suns, dust and stars - explore the universe and create your own celestial bodies.

Have you always wanted to be creative and let arise stars? Or understand how it works? Now it's possible: with Cosmic Carousel. Collect as much mass as possible and let celestial bodies grow out of gas and dust.

We'll suspend the laws of physics and leave it up to you to create different stars and black holes.

This interactive science fun playfully conveys what can happen in the vastness of the universe when stars collide, merge or die, white dwarfs grow and pulsars burn up in a supernova explosion.

About the Director

Michael Scholz is the CEO of halbautomaten (pl.), a studio for communication and design (augmented reality product presentations, handbooks, guides, infographics, instructional material with virtual reality, fair and exhibition design, interactive process simulations, etc.)

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Screening Details

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Programming Block

Dynamic Dimensions: Exploration Through Play and Interaction

Screening Day & Time

May 04, 1:30 PM

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