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Sida Tsoatsoas: Our Beginning

A cinematic full dome film that immerses audiences in the enchanting landscapes of the Kalahari while exploring the unique storytelling of the ǂKhomani people and the global sense of Ubuntu.

Produced by

Daniel Cunnama, Sally Macfarlane

Directed by

Telmo dos Reis

Project Description

Sida Tsoatsoas is a full dome film that combines live-action and animation sequences to transport audiences to the iconic red dunes and expansive saltpans of the Kalahari in Southern Africa. We share in the unique storytelling techniques of the ǂKhomani people who share insight into their culture.

About the Director

Telmo dos Reis is a cinematic virtual reality content creator with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Specializing in high-end 360º video production, dos Reis has worked on various projects across different industries, including tourism boards, commercial brands, and conservation organizations.

His passion for nature and wildlife conservation is evident in his work, which includes the creation of original 360º 3D VR documentaries for global distribution. With a strong focus on storytelling and innovative techniques, dos Reis has received accolades for his projects, including directing the first fully narrated VR wildlife documentary and winning a Gold Award at the International Tourism Film Festival Africa.

Follow his captivating VR experiences on Facebook (@vrcapturesa) and Instagram (@vrcapturesa).

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

True Stories New Perspectives: A New View of the World

Screening Day & Time

May 04, 5:00 PM

Project Gallery

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