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The Last Dream of Cosmorama

The Last Dream of Cosmorama is a mesmerizing fulldome short-film that blends the nostalgia of analogue planetariums with the dreamy visuals of a fading era, exploring the profound personal connection to a dying machine.

Produced by

Martin Fuchs

Directed by

Martin Fuchs

Project Description

The film is an artistic impression of the Zeiss Cosmorama analogue planetarium’s last run.

Technology evolution in digital imaging is in contrast with nostalgia for precise mechanics and optics which is slowly disappearing from the world. Dreamy planetarium-style visual is mixed with reflections of strong personal relation to the machine and its inevitable end.

A fulldome short-film for planetariums and digital dome theatres.

About the Director

Martin Fuchs is an acclaimed filmmaker hailing from Prague, Czech Republic. With a career spanning over three decades, Fuchs has made significant contributions to the world of immersive media. As a creative director at Observatory and Planetarium Prague since 1991, Fuchs has honed his storytelling skills and demonstrated a keen eye for visually stunning cinematography.

In 2018, he ventured into the fulldome/digital planetarium realm, producing a series of remarkable short films. Fuchs's latest masterpiece, "The Last Dream of Cosmorama," showcases his ability to blend art and technology seamlessly. Prepare to be captivated by Fuchs's immersive cinematic experience at Dome Fest West 2024.

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

Quantum Realities: A Cinematic Exploration of the Surreal

Screening Day & Time

May 05, 3:00 PM

Project Gallery

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