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May 4, 2024 at 1:30 PM

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES: Dynamic Dimensions: Exploration Through Play and Interaction

Explore new environments and cultures as you immerse yourself in 'Dynamic Dimensions: Exploration Through Play and Interaction' - a programming block designed for explorers, competitors, and collaborators, offering an unmatched interactive experience from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of the cosmos.

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES: Dynamic Dimensions: Exploration Through Play and Interaction

"Dynamic Dimensions" offers an unmatched interactive experience that transports you from the ocean's depths to the cosmos' far reaches. Whether you're coordinating in "Smart Swarm" or creating celestial phenomena in "Cosmic Carousel," this block is designed for explorers, competitors, and collaborators. These immersive interactive experiences take the audience to different parts of the world and beyond, enabling them to explore new environments and cultures. It's perfect for travel enthusiasts and curious explorers.

Below is the full list of experiences in order of appearance:

El Macroscopio - Created by Santiago Caicedo, Daniel Shambo, and Sebastián Hernández
"El Macroscopio" is an immersive installation that blurs the line between galactic and microscopic structures, allowing the audience to become composers of unique visual and auditory experiences.

Dome Defenders - Created by Kinetarium
"Dome Defenders" is an action-packed multiplayer game where players must unite to save the Dome from enemy invaders, using their smartphones to increase shooting power and compete for the high score.

All against Darwin - Created by Kinetarium
Embark on a multiplayer adventure as a worm in a jungle, growing into a caterpillar while avoiding predators and hungry players, in a fight for survival that reveals the true power of nature.

Smart Swarm - Created by Kinetarium
Experience the power of collective intelligence as you navigate the challenges of underwater survival in Smart Swarm, a thrilling multiplayer game where coordination and cooperation are key to survival.

Cosmic Carousel - Created by Kinetarium
Cosmic Carousel takes audiences on an interactive journey through the universe, where they can create celestial bodies and witness the captivating phenomena of stars colliding and dying.

Dynamic Dimensions also includes the DFW24 program Future Forge: Creative Catalysts in Immersive Tech.

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