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May 5, 2024 at 3:00 PM

FILMS: Quantum Realities: A Cinematic Exploration of the Surreal

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through surreal narratives and captivating visuals in 'Quantum Realities: A Cinematic Exploration of the Surreal' at Dome Fest West 2024.

FILMS: Quantum Realities: A Cinematic Exploration of the Surreal

"Quantum Realities" delves into surrealism's core, merging dream and reality into captivating, often surprising narratives. From the boundless realms of "4096 AD" to the experimental audiovisual journey of "Undetermined Outcome," this collection is a riveting exploration of cinema's possibilities. It's designed for those awed by the intersection of art and science. These experiential films merge dream and reality into unique narratives, perfect for modern art enthusiasts and appreciators of the unconventional and fantastical.

Here's the full film list in order of appearance:

The Last Dream of Cosmorama - Directed by Martin Fuchs"
The Last Dream of Cosmorama" is a mesmerizing fulldome short film that blends nostalgia, surrealism, and the inevitable end of precise mechanics, offering a dreamy and reflective journey through the analogue planetarium's final run.

Urban Mindscape - Directed by Sergey Prokofyev and Prateep Beed
Urban Mindscape is a futuristic exploration of human-centric cities, blending neuroscience and architecture to redefine urban living.

4096 AD - Created by by NSC Creative
"4096 AD" takes us on a perilous journey through infinite worlds as a brave drone explorer uncovers the mysteries beyond our universe.

Faoladh - Directed by Declan Dowling
A 9th century Irish child must rely on a wolf-like guardian spirit to protect their village from Viking raiders in this stereoscopic virtual reality film, "Faoladh.”

4993 FEET UNDER - Directed by Ina Chen
"4993 Feet Under" is a poetic and innovative exploration of the intersection between cinema and real-time technology, depicting the final moments of a dying humpback whale and forming an elegy for the lives lost and shaken by the largest marine oil spill in history.

undetermined outcome - Directed by Rocco Helmchen
"Undetermined Outcome" is an experimental audiovisual journey that strips away layers of reality to visualize the enigmatic world of quantum mechanics, immersing the audience in a realm of indeterminacy and interconnectedness.

AI Divine Teaser - Directed by Glenn a Grillo
Arcane Paradigm, a digital artist and Metaverse avatar, embarks on a multiverse journey through stargates to save our planet from destruction, blending technology, art, and immersive experiences in a surreal and mind-bending virtual reality adventure.

XYZZY - Directed by Jess Johnson and Simon Ward"
XYZZY is an immersive, fulldome cinematic experience that takes audiences on a psychedelic odyssey through a complex fictional world, blending dream and reality in a mesmerizing fusion of art, music, and visionary storytelling.”

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