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“Someday, in the not too distant future you’ll be able to go to a movie and the movie will be all around you. The movie will be over your head, it will be 360 degrees around you.”

– Steven Spielberg, TIME Magazine in 2006

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About the previous Los Angeles

Dome Film Series

For the Los Angeles Dome Film Series, we work hard to select the best Fulldome films across the globe with a focus on narrative storytelling. The series includes several Dome Film World Premieres of narrative features from internationally known filmmakers including Randal Kleiser, Lena Herzog, Ed Lantz, Robot Koch, Darcelle XV, Jacob Collier, as well the first feature-length dome-film documentary to be released in the U.S.

Our Previous Venues

The Vortex Dome

Located on the lot of the Los Angeles Center Studios

Wisdome LA

Located in the Los Angeles Arts District

2019 DTLA Film Festival

Dome Film Series Winners

Best Dome Visuals


Robot Koch, Mickael Le Goff

Best LGBT Dome Film

Through Darcelle’s Eyes

Brad Gill, Rachel Braker

Best Conceptual Dome Short

Last Whispers

Lena Herzog, Meghan McWilliams,

Cedric Gamelin , Mario Kenyon , Nonny de la Peña

Best Narrative Dome Film

Defrost The Virtual Series

Randal Kleiser, Tanna Frederick


Best Documentary Dome Feature

Indirect Actions

Maranatha Hay, Ryan Moore,

Fred Cornforth, Tanya Musgrave


Best Documentary Dome Short

Everest VR

Jonathan Griffith, Matt De John, William Maurer

Best Artistic Dome Feature

Mesmerica 360

Michael J. Saul, Bennett Freed,

Kate McCallum, Ed Lantz



Best Artistic Dome Short


Diana Reichenbach



Best Architectural Dome Film

Urban Levitation

Sergey Prokofyev, Studio Schwitalla



Best Environmental Dome Film

Four Elements

Natalia Oliwiak



Best Dome Music Video

Make Me Cry 360°

Jacob Collier, Matthew Celia

Best Educational Dome Film

Birth of Planet Earth

Thomas Lucas, Donna Cox, Bradley Thompson,

Robert Patterson, Michael Bruno

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