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New World

"New World" is a sensory movie that shows the struggle of urbanites with sensory overload in a modern metropolis and their need to reconnect with nature.

Produced by

Natalia Oliwiak

Directed by

Natalia Oliwiak

New World - a sensory movie being sort of an urban/natural diptych juxtaposing two worlds: a modern metropolis and painterly landscapes. The show demonstrates the problem of sensory overloads to which city dwellers are exposed, as well as the need for remaining in touch with nature. Through spherical recordings, the viewer is absorbed into a metropolitan space that overwhelms with its enormity, encloses within the limits of tall buildings and puts into the framework of a street network. Ever-faster changing images, increasing noises, cars and crowds of people evoke anxiety and the desire to escape from the urban world in order to seek solace and tranquility in the surroundings of wild nature.

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