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Star Children In The Realm Of Unlimited Possibility

Directed by Mikhaila Stettler.

“We are star children, adventurers of the Universe. We bring joy, peace and star magic wherever we go. We come to remind you of your home in the stars.” Star Children In The Realm Of Unlimited Possibility is the full dome version of one of my Ephemeral Sculptures - an immersive mystical journey into a miniature world I built inside a tabletop sand tray, using potent archetypal symbols, rich multilayered textures and a vibrant color palette. The experience includes a spoken word narrative with original score and sound design. The Ephemeral Sculptures are unique works of art filled with a high vibration aliveness that engage curiosity and inspires transcendent connection. I call them ephemeral because once the piece is filmed, the sculpture is taken apart, the pieces returned to their baskets and bins, the sand swept clean. They no longer exist in solid physical form. The work was created for my artist-in-residency at Enter The Metaverse conference. The theme of the piece is unlimited possibility. It’s all about opening to the unlimited possibilities of the metaverse, and more importantly, to your own unlimited possibilities.

Screening Details


Project Runtime

October 9

Screening Day

9:00 AM

Screening Time

Project Gallery

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