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Printing Momentum

Directed by Finn Tödte.

Like a 3D printer is forming something new from a material, 'DRUCKMOMENT' takes the sonic and visual material of the printing process and uses it to form something new, contrasting and expanding. The processes of scanning and printing are mixed artistically, to create an audiovisual 360° performance, leading to a complex sound pressure mass which concludes to the printed 3D object. Created by Finn Tödte while studying sound design, the focus of the work is to exploit the possibilities of 3D sound in a fulldome and the interaction between sound and video. The work consists of audio recordings of a 3D printer using a contact microphone and macro video recordings of a 3D printer. The audio recordings are used to compose an experimental sound design in the manner of contemporary electronic music. Unlike conventional filmmaking, the sound design was created before the picture was edited.

Screening Details


Project Runtime

October 9

Screening Day

12:00 PM

Screening Time

Project Gallery

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