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Produced by Peter Petersen. Directed by Sofia Mellino.

FUTURE RUHR (2022), an urban symphony that evokes the splendour of mining and coal in the Ruhr area, passing through its decadence, arriving at its re-invention through urban movements and civil projects, thus tracing an optimistic perspective of the future by the conjunction of art-science-technology. From a technical perspective, it's the first full-dome feature made entirely with original footage recorded with 360° cameras attached to drones and airplanes, containing 2D animation generated through the visual composition of the footage itself. Developed as a research production in the framework of the KULTUR.GEMEINSCHAFTEN and NEU START KULTUR, financed by BUNDESREGIERUNG FÜR KULTUR UND MEDIEN, powered by Future Campus Ruhr NGO.

Screening Details


Project Runtime

October 7

Screening Day

8:00 PM

Screening Time

Project Gallery

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