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May 3, 2024 at 9:45 PM

FILMS: Stellar Performances & Cosmic Concerts: Live Arts in the Dome

Experience the captivating intersection of art, music, and the cosmos with 'Stellar Performances & Cosmic Concerts', a collection of live shows that celebrate creativity, discovery, and interactive theater experiences.

FILMS: Stellar Performances & Cosmic Concerts: Live Arts in the Dome

"Stellar Performances & Cosmic Concerts" presents excerpts from an exceptional collection of live shows that delve into the intersection of art, music, and the cosmos. Ranging from interactive space exploration to Reggie Watts' inventive musical comedy, this collection celebrates creativity and discovery. It highlights and showcases top live performances from the past two years for music and theater enthusiasts, as well as anyone seeking a unique, interactive theater or concert experience.

The full finalist list appears below, in order of appearance:

James Webb Space Telescope: The Story Unfolds - Directed by Brittany Kundert'
James Webb Space Telescope: The Story Unfolds' is a live and interactive planetarium show that takes audiences on a captivating journey through the engineering and deployment of the space telescope, unveiling the secrets of the universe through stunning visualizations and the latest imagery from JWST.

Skysong - Directed by David Farrell
A visually stunning work combining satellite imagery and poetic text, Skysong explores the timeless awe and inspiration found in the vastness of the celestial, accompanied by a captivating live musical performance.

Cloud Bodies - Directed by Allison Moore
In the immersive performance of "Cloud Bodies," a dancer merges with the point clouds of photo-scanned landscapes, blurring the boundaries between the body and virtual spaces.

Reggie Watts: Live in 360 at Wisdome.LA - Directed by Michael Strauss and Reggie Watts
Experience a completely improvised musical comedy performance with live 360 fulldome visual projections in Reggie Watts - Live in 360 at Wisdome.LA.

CONTACT: A Multi-Sensory Journey Celebrating Daft Punk - Directed by Jon Levy and Dano Marino
A pair of futuristic DJ robots stumble upon the sounds of Daft Punk's album 'Random Access Memories,' leading audiences on an immersive journey through sound and space in a 12,000 sq ft projection dome.

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