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The Earth Above: a deep time view of Australia's epic history

The Earth Above: A Deep Time View of Australia's Epic History is an immersive documentary that follows Australian First Nations on a journey from a solid sky dome to explore ancient Superhighways and share deep time stories, bridging traditional and scientific knowledge.

Produced by

Martin Potter

Directed by

Ruwe Collective

Project Description

Australian First Nations tell of a solid sky dome around the Earth. After we die, we’re transported beyond the dome to join our ancestors. On Earth we see our ancestors as stars shining through holes in the cover of the dome. 'The Earth Above: A Deep Time View of Australia's Epic History' follows the ancestors on a journey from the dome and deep into Country. We move across ancient Superhighways connecting the entire continent of Australia, sharing deep time stories illuminated by new relationships between emerging research and First Nation’s knowledge.

About the Director

Martin Potter is an accomplished filmmaker, recognized for his dedication to innovative storytelling and the integration of diverse knowledge systems. With a passion for exploring Australia's rich history, Potter has produced groundbreaking films that bridge traditional Indigenous wisdom with modern scientific research.

His latest project, "The Earth Above: A Deep Time View of Australia's Epic History," directed by the esteemed Ruwe Collective, takes audiences on a transformative journey through 140,000 years of Australia's ancient heritage. Through captivating storytelling and immersive visuals, Potter's films invite viewers to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous cultures and histories. 

Screening Details

Project Runtime


Programming Block

True Stories New Perspectives: A New View of the World

Screening Day & Time

May 04, 5:00 PM

Project Gallery

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