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"SPHERE" is an immersive fulldome show by Robot Koch and Mickael Le Goff that takes audiences on a journey through space and time, combining custom-made projection visuals and music for a 3D sound environment.

Produced by

Robert Koch, Mickael Le Goff

Directed by

Robert Koch, Mickael Le Goff

Robot Koch and Mickael Le Goff developed a brand new immersive fulldome show in cooperation with the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin. Entitled SPHERE, the 45 minute live show contains custom made projection visuals and music written and produced for a 3D sound environment. Almost a year in the making, the visuals and music take the audience on a trip through space and time, oscillating between dark synth driven science-fiction moments that seem alien and dystopian and beautiful excursions into the universe, carried by lush string arrangements that take you into places that could be both the veins of an organism or the inside of a spaceship. The World Premiere of the show took place at the Zeiss Planetarium during the Red- Bull Music Festival in Berlin in October 2018 with several sold out shows, kicking off a tour performing the show in planetariums worldwide as well as at music festivals capable of full dome shows. recent festivals include mutek, sonar and full dome festival jena.

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Vortex Dome

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