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Four Elements

Four elements come to life in this fulldome animation, showcasing their power and beauty in poetic, contemplative images that take viewers on an immersive journey to the depths of their souls.

Produced by

Natalia Oliwiak

Directed by

Four elements - the fulldome animation about  immeasurable power of elements: water, air, earth, fire. In ascetic, poetic pictures we can see the increasing force of elements that can be contemplative and relaxing but also destructive and terrifying, which makes a human being defenseless. It's also a reflection of our emotions, personification of the primary images encoded in our subconsciousness. Through that images, we can escape from surrounding reality and embark on an immersive journey across the elementary phenomena to the inside of our soul.  Music by Jędrzej Rochecki

Screening Details


Project Runtime


Screening Day

Vortex Dome

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Project Gallery

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