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Climate Crimes

Climate Crimes explores the impact of global air pollution and anthropogenic aerosols on climate systems and human migration in the Sahel region of North Africa through immersive, spatial video content.

Produced by

Michaela French, Adrian Lahoud

Directed by

Royal College of Art Fulldome Research Group

Climate Crimes explores the complex relationship between global air pollution, climate change and human migration. This immersive fulldome film investigates how anthropogenic aerosols and other atmospheric particles originating in the wealthy nations of the global north – Europe, USA, China, and others – impact global climate systems and contribute to the desertification and migration in the Sahel region of north Africa. The spatial video content is designed to immerse the viewer in this cyclic story of cause and effect.

Screening Details


Project Runtime


Screening Day

Wisdome LA

Screened At

Project Gallery

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