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Dome Fest West has partnered with the Vortex Community Circle to produce the Metaverse Summer Series, a two-week-long dome film exhibition in the metaverse. The event is hosted in Domelandia on the AltspaceVR platform and will kick off on the 8th of July running through July 22nd.

(code coming soon)

Metaverse Summer Series Created by:

Ryan Moore (E360) – Executive Producer & Curator

Ed Lantz (Edlantis) - Executive Producer

Audri Phillips (Audri) - Producer, Curator, Immersive Artist, VJ

Timmy Edens (UltraViolet) - Producer, World Builder, VJ/DJ, Filmmaker

Kelon Cen (Kelon) - Producer, World Builder

Mar Sorell (Mar) - Dome Designer

Jennifer Brooks (Nera) - Dome Video Player, Interactives

Ben Browne – Frequency Dome Cymatic Artwork

Participating Films

Atlas of a Changing Earth

Created by Mike Bruno, Thomas Lucas, Donna J Cox, Robert Patterson, Bradley Thompson

Featured July 8, 2022

Atlas of a Changing Earth_Still_01.jpg

In the land of the flabby schnoock

Created by Francis Gelinas, Couleur.tv

Featured July 9, 2022

In the land of the flabby schnoock_Still_02.jpg


Created by Audri Phillips, Keram Malicki-Sanchez

Featured July 18, 2022


On a Layover Thinking of Her

Created by Timmy Edens

Featured July 20, 2022



Created by Tatoaraoz, Diego Perez

Featured July 11, 2022


Piano Under the Stars

Created by Juan Carlos Vidal , Claudio Recabarren Madrid

Featured July 14, 2022

Piano Under The Stars_Poster_02.jpg

The Journey

Created by Brianna Amore, Jahna Perricone, Michael Perricone, Ed Lantz, Kate McCallum

Featured July 16, 2022

The Journey_Poster_01.jpg


Created by Jeremy Oury, Antoine Briot, ARCAAN Collective

Featured July 22, 2022



Created by Sergey Prokofyev

Featured July 10, 2022


SUPREMATISM. The day before

Created by Sergey Prokofyev

Featured July 10, 2022



Created by Carolyn Collins Petersen, Mark C. Petersen, Loch Ness Productions

Featured July 12, 2022



Created by Juro Carl Anton Reinhardt & Radu Paul Simon Reinhardt

Featured July 21, 2022


Give It All

Created by Joris Daniel Hoogsteder

Featured July 19, 2022

Give It All_Still_01.jpg

Horizons of the Future

Created by Axon Genesis

Featured July 13, 2022

Horizons Of The Future_Still_06.jpg

The Being 360

Created by Michael Strauss

Featured July 15, 2022

The Being 360_Still_01.jpg


Created by Janire Najera, 4Pi Productions

Featured July 17, 2022


New World

Created by Natalia Oliwiak

Featured July 17, 2022

New World_Still_08.jpg