The Vortex Dome

The Vortex Dome

451 S Beaudry Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90017

The Vortex Dome Los Angeles is a fulldome CineTheater venue owned and operated by Vortex Immersion Media. It was designed and installed by the founder of Vortex Immersion Media, Ed Lantz in 2010, and is located in downtown Los Angeles on the private secure lot of Los Angeles Center Studios, a full service media production facility.


Directions to The Vortex Dome:


The Vortex Dome is located on the studio lot of Los Angeles Center Studios.  This is a working production studio and the parking on the lot has been full due to several projects in production, so you will need to find metered parking on the street, nearby parking lots, or you can take a bus, Uber, Lyft, or taxi, etc.


Please enter the BEAUDRY BUILDING from Beaudry street located at: 

451 So. Beaudry

Los Angeles, CA  90017


There will be a check-in table located in the lobby of the Beaudry Building.  Check in and you will then be directed to where the dome is located. If you wish to arrive early, LACS has a wonderful commissary called FLIX CAFE that is open to the public for your enjoyment.  They are open for lunch from 11:30-2:30pm if you'd like to arrive early.  


Information here for FLIX CAFE:

Water, coffee and tea will be available to purchase at the venue.