The Journey

11 min   |   English   | Brianna Amore, Ed Lantz, Kate McCallum, Jahna Perricone, Michael Perricone

Screening as part of the

"Inner Journeys" Block
10am - Sunday, Oct 10th, 2021

The Journey is a short form version of a one hour, visual music “work in progress” 360 film designed for the fulldome experience, as well as VR. Featuring a 7.1 channel surround mix, the work follows the enchanting journey of life—from formless mystery to form and the return back to formless mystery once again. The Journey moves through music compositions from an upcoming album created and performed by Michael and Jahna Perricone, highlighting the transformative frequencies of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, world music instrumentation, and Jahna’s ethereal vocals. Michael, a master Tibetan singing bowl artist and sound designer, and Jahna, a UCLA certified mindfulness practitioner and professional singer, have brought their mindful music performances to the Getty, Hammer, MOCA, and Fowler Museums, as well as facilitating popular music experiences on-line and in-person internationally.

Creators and producers, Michael and Jahna collaborated with Vortex Immersion Media; director and visual artist, Brianna Amore; executive producer, Ed Lantz; and creative director and producer, Kate McCallum to create The Journey storyworld. Brianna’s visuals bring this poetic narrative to life through cinematic magical realism, which combined with the music soundtrack create a truly enchanting journey.

“Take the Journey...”

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