Joris Daniel - Give It All

4 min   |   English   |  Joris Daniel Hoogsteder

Screening as part of the

"Feel Beyond The Music" Block
4pm - Saturday, Oct 9th, 2021

GIVE IT ALL is a part of a larger upcoming VR album to be released in 2021. Having worked in the video game industry as a composer for most of his career, Joris’s game roots and passion for funk music are clearly captured in his own work. His glitchy, electronic, and funky grooves are infused with nostalgic synthesizer sounds and are inspired by acoustic acts such as Vulfpeck, Knower, and Anderson Paak, as well as electronic acts like Oliver and Floating Points. The music was uniquely produced with spatial audio in mind; certain elements will be binaural to create three-dimensional audio, meaning they will surround you in 360 degrees as you listen when wearing stereo headphones. GIVE IT ALL will be released with a 360 VR music video that takes you on an inter-dimensional retrofuturistic journey. This video was conceptualized and created by Joris in collaboration with Matt Collaco of Collasoul Media. When watching the music video, the music will sound different depending on which direction you’re facing, tapping into the vast potential of head tracking spatial audio. Joris is beyond excited having worked on this upcoming album with some of his most talented collaborators; GIVE IT ALL features vocals and lyrics by Blutori, guitar by Lloyd Philippo, and drums by Tomas Shannon.

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