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Planetariums: Past, Present, and Future

Planetariums: Past, Present, and Future


Michael McConville

Hosted by

Ed Lantz

Join us for an exciting journey through the evolution of planetariums in the upcoming Fulldome Forum session "Planetariums: Past, Present, and Future." This session aims to engage the audience, highlight unique insights, explore future trends, and encourage dialogue around the captivating world of planetariums.

Our special guest for the session is Michael McConville, the President of the International Planetarium Society. With an extensive background in planetariums, educational institutions, and a track record of success in community building, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the discussion. Currently, he is the Director of Customer Outreach at Cosm, a leading planetarium company.

The session will be hosted and moderated by Ed Lantz, the Dome Fest West Board Chair. Ed is a renowned entertainment technology engineer and immersive experience designer, with a career that spans transforming planetariums into 360-degree immersive environments and designing theaters worldwide.

The session is perfect for those interested in the history, current trends, and future of planetariums. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear from industry experts and thought leaders, engage in meaningful dialogue, and gain a deeper understanding of the evolution and potential of planetariums.




9a PDT / 12p EDT / 1p ART / 5p BST / 6p CEST

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