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May 2, 2024 7:30 PM

Opening Program - FILMS: Sonic Visions: A Journey Through Sound and Sight

Experience an extraordinary auditory and visual journey through serene melodies, cosmic dances, and visionary realms in Sonic Visions: A Journey Through Sound and Sight at Dome Fest West 2024.

Opening Program - FILMS: Sonic Visions: A Journey Through Sound and Sight

Dive into an auditory and visual spectacle where music and art converge to create unparalleled immersive experiences. From the serene melodies of a Ukrainian lullaby to the cosmic dance of the Joffrey Ballet, each film in this block promises a unique journey through soundscapes and visionary realms. The festival's opening night program kicks off with a blend of music and visual art, featuring musical art films that explore the synergy between sound and sight. This block is sure to resonate with music lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Below is the full list of films in order of appearance:

Lullaby - Directed by Sergey Kozintsev
Transport yourself to a place of serenity and peace as you experience the soothing harmonies of a Ukrainian nursery rhyme, brought to life with dreamy music and captivating visuals created using neural networks.

Cou 175586 Little Warrior - Created by Corbett Wall
A young boy is taken to a celestial world to learn the ways of the warrior and returns to his village to share the wisdom of the ancients in "Cou 175586 Little Warrior," a 360° fulldome indigenous Cou legend.

Recording Entropia - Directed by François Vautier
In the heart of nothingness, an immense tetrahedron breaks up and scatters, delivering a mysterious message through its changing shape—an awe-inspiring exploration of space, time, and the future of humanity in the immersive film Recoding Entropia.

EXO-CORTEX 3.0 - Directed by Jeremy Oury
Exo-Cortex 3.0 is an immersive dome experience that invites viewers on a hypnotic journey through a dreamlike composition of space, guided by a captivating voice.

Interrupted trajectories and other transient disequilibrium models - Directed by Lydia Yakonowsky
A thought-provoking exploration of sudden shifts in projected trajectories intertwines scattered data points, unnerving spirals, and mathematical objects, shedding light on economic forecasting models and periods of major changes.

Beyond Life 360 - Directed by Michael Strauss
Beyond Life 360 is an immersive 360 dome music video that takes viewers on a psychedelic and meditative journey through a blend of music, visuals, and spoken word, inspired by the words and ideas of Timothy Leary.

Cosmic Caverns - Directed by Juan Carlos Vidal and Claudio recabarren
Cosmic Caverns (Piano Under the Stars) is a mesmerizing fusion of music and immersive imagery, where renowned pianist Claudio Recabarren takes audiences on a cosmic journey through his original compositions accompanied by ethno musical arrangements.

Visual Eyes presents "Alone" - Directed by The Hawk and The Wolf
"Alone" is a mesmerizing VR music video that explores the consequences of reckless consumption and envisions a future where collective thought can shape a better world.

Cosmic Rhythms - Directed by Xavier Núñez
Action Lines Media, The Joffrey Ballet, and the Adler Planetarium present Cosmic Rhythms, a groundbreaking collaboration of breathtaking imagery, bold choreography, and expert astronomical insight that takes audiences on a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos, leaving them with a newfound sense of wonder and appreciation.

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